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Why this European Festival?

Max Moor, Pier Giorgio Antonelli, Luca Di Fonso, Erika Bucci, Alexandra Titova.

Alexandra Titova has this great idea few years ago and all by herself she started to work on this project. Soon she realised that this idea was an amazing opportunity to not only create a new landmark in the Italian panorama, but also to help people to achieve their dream!
Thanks to Erika Bucci, Alexandra’s vice president, and Max Moor an amazing photographer able to pick opportunity everywhere this project finally started.

The first name was “National fest of photomodeling and photography”, but as soon the event was finished everyone had the same sensation: “WE CAN DO SOMETHING BIGGER!”

Pier Giorgio Antonelli joined the head quarter and thanks to his network the escalation was fast.
Few months later we are happy to announce the EUROPEAN FESTIVAL that will take place in one of the best location in the entire Italy: CINECITTA’
The official announcement was done in MONTECARLO.
Now we only miss your application!
Not only Fashion Designers and Photomodels are sending us their composit but also tons of influencers want to be part of this project!